A 4x5 portable darkroom

Obsolete is a project I began in the early part of 2015.  What I do is take photographs on direct positive paper and develop them immediately in a portable darkroom I've built using a light tight hood attached to the inside of a pelican case.  I originally started this to bring large format photography with me while I traveled across the globe.  After completing the first version of my darkroom, I began testing it with friends in my backyard.  During those "Portraits and Pints" sessions, I was blown away and humbled by the level of excitement I received.  What I originally though would be just a way to shoot and develop on the road, quickly turned into an instrument to engage and educate people through one of the most basic photographic processes.

What makes this process special to me is not just the incredibly beautiful "look" of each image, but the fact that once the photo is developed, it is a one of a kind image.  I do not, nor am I able to, make duplicates of the images I take.  Most of the examples below are the only digital renderings of those images, taken on my phone at the time I developed them.     

 I will be booking for private sessions (info below) starting in a few weeks but for now, you can find me taking portraits in parks and public spaces across Melbourne and the rest of Australia through September 2017.


This project wouldn't be what it is without the help of:

-Sam, for all your hard work on the first hood

-Bryna, for your amazing craftsmanship on the second hood

-Intrepid Camera, for building an incredible camera

-Everyone who showed up during my "Portraits and Pints" sessions

-Chuck, for always lending a hand (still need to get you a decent portrait!)

-My Parents, for their continual help and support


Pricing For Private Sessions

Individual and Couples


What's Included?
  • Pre session meeting to discuss shoot
  • Up to 6 images
  • Professional packaging to protect each of your images

Groups (up to 4)


What's Included?
  • Pre session meeting to discuss shoot
  • Up to 8 images of your group
  • Professional packaging to protect each of your images
What's not included

-Any props that you want to use

-Cost of any lighting rented (necessary for indoor shooting)

-Costs associated with renting a venue